abas Project Management

From small workgroups to larger medium-sized enterprises

At alltrotec we are continually improving our abas Project Management software to extend the functions, increase user-friendliness and relevance to practical applications. Our aim is to provide tailored, user-oriented solutions for our clients from a wide variety of industries. Our product range therefore includes the following Project Management editions:

  • abas Project Management Basic

The basic edition is particularly suitable for small workgroups and research and development projects. It contains functions for the transition from prototyping to production.

  • abas Project Management Advanced

This edition is suited to comprehensive use throughout the company and integrates all major departments involved in the project.

  • abas Project Management Professional

This edition is suited to medium/large companies, and offers: analysis of complex hour-based work processes, costing on the basis of bills of services and creation of project plans.


abas Project Management features

abas Project Management maximizes the success of your projects, leading to greater customer satisfaction and the best ratio between scope, cost and time. The following features describe how this aim is achieved:


Project Center

All abas Project Management editions have this feature in common. The Project Center provides access to the various user functions and reports and is the heart of the system. It offers information and warning systems to project managers. By coupling it with internal reporting systems, it keeps you informed on the current project status.

Project Planner

The Project Planner displays all your project tasks graphically and as a table. It supports allocating transactions and resources, such as purchase orders and work orders directly to the tasks, providing an overview of their processing status. The Project Planner displays the current status of the individual project tasks, and can be used to automatically compare the target and actual performance on the base of key figures.

Resource Planner

The Resources Planner helps you calculate the staff required for the project based on the available staff. It considers special conditions such as shift schedules or differing leave periods for teams in different locations. You can plan on the level of the team or individual staff, as well as planning the project tasks and work tasks.

Project costing
The project costing calculates the costing based on the project plan. By linking the surcharge rates for staff, the costs of products and expenses for purchase, you can conveniently create forecast costings, preliminary costings and final costings.

abas Project Management features and functions:

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Project Center
Project Planner
Capacity reporting